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Welcome to the website of INFOMAPP.

The Integrated Food Manufacturers' Association of the Philippines for Productivity or INFOMAPP was initiated by a group of food processors who believed in the concept that productivity is the key ingredient to business sustainability.

Founded by a core of 15 dedicated small and medium scale food processors who participated in a series of productivity improvement seminars pioneered by the International Labor Organization (ILO-Philippines) and Dvelopment Academy of the Philippines Productivity Development Center (DAP), these owner-managers of the different food operations bonded together to reaffirm their commitment to actualize what they have learned within the two years duration of the program by sharing the concept to their fellow food processors. Thus, the INFOMAPP was born and was incorporated on February 26, 1993 in Manila. Dubbed as a highly successful program by the UNDP-ILO evaluation team, the group who formed INFOMAPP were emboldened to pursue their dreams. INFOMAPP's primary aim is to improve business operations through productivity interventions in education and consultancy services coupled with direct exposures to foreign and local companies who exemplify in productivity improvement. As such, INFOMAPP's networking and benchmarking grew in the process. Further to this, the association aims to promote productivity and quality in small and medium-scale food processing enterprises in the Philippines through, technology transfer, research, intervention programs, extension services, plant visit, publications, media publicity, and product and market development.

The INFOMAPP also aims to promote export of food products and promote conservation and protection of the environment by assisting members in disposal treatment and recycling of wastes.

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Integrated Food Manufacturers' Association of the Philippines for Productivity